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Everyone is the Diamond Inside the Mud!


Everyone is the Diamond inside the Mud, as we will only be brilliant & shinning after the cutting process & polishing process being done on the raw diamond (allotrope of carbon).


Just like what we have studied in science, Diamond is formed with the simple element of Carbon (C). Diamond is just like a “raw stone” and it doesn’t shine & reflect light at the beginning.



Today, I take this opportunity to share with everyone about the Diamond inside the Mud! As a human, you and I are just normal mankind when we are born many years before. We were nobody, we were not talented as Albert Einstein, but we were improving day after days. We need to “polish” and “shape & cut” our brain if we wish to become an outstanding mankind.


Here, I would take two examples as “Diamond inside the Mud” and “My Brain”. The diamond inside the mud refers to the original structure of diamond (we call Carbons) and “my brain” refers to everyone’s brain.



Everybody knows about Diamond; it shows eternal relationship & lasting forever for girls with its diamond ring and it is about toughness for men. Diamond (raw stone) is very normal in the beginning! But, it becomes very brilliant after the processes of being polished & cut! If you are the “raw stone” in the mud, you are still nobody if you don’t go through cutting & polishing. Before being the jewellery, Diamond (raw stone) undergoes the high-pressure condition before it forms the hardest structure in the world. It takes time to transform itself to become the hardest gem & most expensive in the world market.



Now, everybody wishes to become Diamond! But, how far do you think that “My Brain” can transform as brilliant as diamond whereby everybody is wishing to turn into a powerful brain. Brain, it is the most powerful asset we own by ourselves. Brain, is very powerful when we really shape it & squeeze it as we notice we are normally used less than 4% out of full capacity when we die!


Here, many people will ask why I cannot have such a great brain like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, & Warren Buffet!

My answer is :“it is because you are yet to cut & polish your little brain.”


When we look into ourselves, how far we really put 100% effort in our life to ensure we achieve the goals & aims as we planned in the beginning. You may measure the effort! Now, we ask ourselves; how deep you cut/shape your brain as how skilful the jeweller cut the shape of the diamond. As far as we concern, the jeweller needs a high skill to cut the diamond before it becomes brilliant right before demonstrating in the market. The skills; it needs time to train, it needs time to improve and it needs time to sharpen just like how a jeweller uses his experience to cut the diamond in many angles & to create more inner reflection to enhance its brightness & shine!

No one can escape from the “cutting” & “polishing” process before becoming a talented mankind. Everybody’s brain needs to undergo the special training to shape it into a powerful brain. Again, no one can escape from being cut & polished if you wish to become the Diamond.



Here, it is How You Choose Your Choice! Here, you know that Diamond needs to be cut & polished before it shines the best. Same goes for our life, is it how far you want to cut (shape) your brain and it is how hardworking you want to work smart in your work.


After many processes, you will shine & you will become the experience leader. Remember, cutting is very painful but the more you cut, the shiner the diamond is.Just like if we cut off many bad attitude, then we will be better in future. So, if you know it is bad for you and you must cut it off!


"Diamond is the hardest gem on the MOHS harness scale and graphite (also made from carbon atoms) is the softest! Given that both diamond and graphite are made of carbon, this may seem surprising."


"You can be good or be bad ones eventually as what you choose for in life. Everybody can be the diamond but it is how we shape our brain, train it and polish. If we just choose the soft way, of course we will only deserve some achievement. But, if we choose to give our brain an intensive training, we’ll produce a powerful mind."


Remember, it is about How You Choose Your Choice! If you think it is bad, please “cut” it off and if you think it is good please carry on the good value!


Of course, as s friend, you must always shape your friend’s brain and let him join you to become the Diamond. Same goes for human resources, a good superior must design a special module to carry out the ability/essence of his subordinate, always, and because a good superior will able to change a life of your team member if you give him guidance & intensive training (provided the subordinate is willing to learn).




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